Attract traffic to your own website and generate more direct bookings into your own booking engine.

  • SELL DIRECT: Become less dependent on the OTA’s: sell (and upsell) direct
  • COMMISSIONS BASED ON SALES ONLY: pay commissions for generated sales on completed stays
  • EASY IMPLEMENTATION: One-time implementation: NO software needed, NO link tracking, NO analytics, NO extranet, NO allotments
  • ATTRACT CUSTOMERS: with your best-rate guaranteed plus the possibility to give another 5% discount for direct bookers


  • NO MIDDLE MAN: Bypass the OTA’S and benefit from the trend among consumers of preferring to book direct with a hotel. This direct contact maximizes your chances to convert them into buyers. Once on your site, visitors can browse all your pages, explore the totality of your offers and choose additional services bringing you additional income.
  • SIMPLE: We charge a commission of 5% on each booking generated and consumed. No bidding, extra or hidden fees or other costs.
  • OWN THE BOOKING CHANNEL: As customers book into your website’s booking engine, you “own” the guest relationship/traveller profile. For instance you can collect payment deposits and store all booking details in your own system. You can presell and live up to your clients’ expectations, as well perform after-sales to get feedback on your offerings.
  • BRAND IMAGE: As bookers are directed to your own website you have the opportunity to stand out from your competitors and offer the ‘total picture’ as opposed to being generically listed on the OTA sites.
  • EASY TO IMPLEMENT: No software or technology skills needed. We integrate with your booking engine – you do need to do anything at all.
  • BE FOUND ON THE INTERNET: Because of our volume and inspirational search options which go beyond the OTA’s common price and location search options.


Currently is in the development phase. We aim to fully launch by the end of 2020. Sign up now and support the direct booking revolution and be the first to be featured on when it gets live.

<30 rooms €199

30 rooms-50 rooms €299

>50 rooms €499

Hotels who meet the criteria for or benefit from commission free listings until the official launch!

Q & A

Q: How does it work?

A: works as a metasearch engine (like Trivago, HotelsCombined, TripAdvisor, even Google) with the distinction that we do not show any other competitors (like the OTA’s) results, just the real-time availability and rates from your own website. If a client decides to book your hotel this is tracked by our software and can be viewed in your dashboard.

Q: Do I need to sign into an extranet?

A: No, not needed. You keep the availability of your website or channel manager up-to-date as usual and no extra effort or allotments need to be made.

Q: Do you work with “direct booking boosters” such as TripTease, LiveRate, TheHotelsNetwork, etc?

A: Although we offer a different product, yes. Actually we encourage to use their tools – they will (also) increase direct bookings. You still need to be found on the internet -preferably not through the OTA’s- and that’s where we come in.

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