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What is is an industry disruptive initiative aiming to reduce costs for hoteliers and therefore the consumer. The online travel business is a multibillion industry poised to grow to a whopping US$ 1.134.55 billion industry by 2023 (doubling in five years time). The market for accommodation booking is dominated by two players: Booking Holdings (, HotelsCombined, Kayak, etc.) and the Expedia Group (Expedia, Trivago,etc.) with a market cap of more than US$100 billion, comparable to the four largest US airlines combined. combines the strengths of:

• the OTA’s. By offering a large base of properties gives customers choice*. Hotels need to be found on the internet and direct booking happens mostly after customers visit an OTA site first. We direct customers to your own website – no need to google again to compare prices.

• metasearch. With metasearch we offer customers rates and availability in real time. Google, Trivago, Tripadvisor, HotelsCombined do that too – but also include the rates by the OTA’s. only displays the best available rate on the hotel’s own website.

• direct booking. Own the booking channel (data!) and have direct customer relationship. Upsell by listing all your offerings, including late availability (when OTA’s show the hotel is full) and special accommodations like best room in the house or suites not available on the OTA’s. is easy to use for both hoteliers and consumers. We integrate directly with your booking engine. There is no need for a channel manager, allocations, software implementation, (extra) sales channel to upkeep or training. Not even time, as you continue to work as you do with your booking engine.

We work on a ‘straightforward’ commission per sale basis. So no need for pay per click expertise with other metasearch engines or capturing only parts of your market with Tripadvisor.

Commission is 5% on bookings generated and consumed. When customers book through, hoteliers can opt to give another 5% discount on the best price to logged-in customers.

Investors wanted

To realize an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) I need a small investment which is needed to built the software and a website. If you are interested in providing venture capital for a real start-up, and not only interested in scale-ups which have a proven record, this is for you.

Have a look at my fundraising desk.

Hotel chains and groups can benefit immediately from investing in When your properties fit the DNA Hotels and/or charmhotelsweb sites’ (which I have been publishing for nearly 10 years) profile you will get listed free-of-charge (NO commissions!) until integrating with your booking engine. After integration you will start paying the low 5 or 10% commission to And with the launch of the general I will offer you a ‘preferred partnership’ by displaying you top in search results. In the longer term you will be investing in lower costs per booking and less dependency on the OTA’s – a great return on investment.

Contact me if you want to discuss further. I am available for a coffee in Amsterdam or a Skype talk.

* at customers also get to search experiences, i.s.o. the usual location and price option offered by most OTA’s.

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